There are so many wonderful things about being a musician. I've been playing guitar since 2006, and singing for even longer, and I still find myself happiest when playing for others. For several years my professional career as a musician was based out of public events and venues - restaurants, local festivals, bars and the rest. My experience in playing for this field was really great. It was so easy and relaxed, and as a 14-17 year old I couldn't imagine anything better! Until I started gaining traction in wedding music...

I love this industry. It comes with so much stress, organisation, communication, and even MORE stress, but all of this is complimented ten-fold with passion, fun, excitement, happy-tears, emotion and LOVE. The wedding industry is one I will belong to for a long time, hopefully in a number of fields over time. But for now I am here to set the soundtrack to what may be the biggest, funnest, craziest days of your life. I can't wait to be a part of your beautiful day.

Love, Eilish x