eilish ellen

Thrilled and inspired by a sweep of genres and artists, 17 year old eilish ellen’s debut album ‘Shadows’ has evolved into an eclectic mix of contrasting styles, rhythms and sounds. 

Airling, Andy Bull, George Ezra, Broods, The Paper Kites and Half Moon Run have all left their mark on the tapestry of eilish’s musical mind.

Performing professionally as an acoustic covers act in and around the Gold Coast for close on 4 years, eilish ellen has near 1000 hours of live experience to draw on.

During 2014, amid a very hectic academic and creative final year of high school, local Gold Coast girl eilish ellen recorded ‘Shadows’, due for release on December 5th.

‘Shadows’ was written over a 2 year period with the songs themselves penned and finalised within a day of concept. These lyrics all have a message or a story to tell, with inspiration coming from defining moments which helped to shape eilish as a forward-thinking songwriter with unmistakable sincerity. 

Debut single ‘Tulips’ is about breaking from a follow-the-leader mentality, and listening to your inner desires. From hints of deep electronica to dreamy orchestral lines, this track is rich with alternate tones and melodies.  

With an innate build of rhythm pulsing through the album, songs such as ‘Crystal’, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Fathers’ also boast eilish ellen’s vast vocal range, with Face it and Boyfriend revealing her more vibrant sound.

'Choo Choo’ and an explicit version of ‘Face it’ are two more songs available exclusively on iTunes as of December 5th.

'Shadows’ is the start of another exhilarating period for eilish ellen, with tour dates set for the coming Summer. 



Eilish Ellen: Shadows